THE  HYGIENE specialist

Ecoilet in collaboration with CWS (Cleaning and Washing Services) offers quality products for the hygiene of the bathroom.The proposed lines from CWS include solutions for washing and drying hands, toilet preparations, air fresheners, sanitizers for toilets, containers for feminine hygiene products and bathroom accessories.

All CWS products are characterized by an essential design that ensures maximum adaptability to all kinds of style and ambience. The core business of the brand  is the Car wash cotton towels rolls. With a fixed monthly fee, the rolls are periodically washed in industrial laundries  and returned to the customer.

The CWS service hires professional and  technical assistance who help in the  installation, maintenance and warranty of the functionality of the equipment. They also look into the regular supply of consumables (soap, paper towels, toilet paper ...).

Cotton Towel

asciugamano in cotone

Using the towel roll to cotton is reduced by:

  • 63% of the energy consumption
  • 48% of the CO2 emissions
  • 79% the production of waste

Friend of toilet paper 'environment

carta igienica amica dell' ambiente

This is recycled toilet paper and PEFC certified which means it is produced from wood from forests which are  managed in a proper and sustainable way and  according to the strict environmental, social and economic norms.

Soap foam

Sapone in schiuma

This soap dispenser in CWS foam is made from 90% recycled plastic. It reduces the consumption  of soap by 53%  and the consumption of water by  32%.  The soap concentrate is transformed into foam and thus has obtained a volume that is 15 times higher than the liquid soap. Also  liquid soap is easier to remove from the hands.

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