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The  EcoVall.net of Ardenno (SO),  has a good selection of floor cleaning machines. The floor cleaning machines can always have perfectly clean floors owing to a thorough cleaning with the machine and to their easy maintenance. Our range of floor cleaning machines includes  machines that are compactlightweight and easy to use. You can use the rider scrubber for large surfaces. Our products are suitable  even in  different areas  like  at  offices, on the  stairs ,  on carpets, on furniture and  on  floors which are to be  polished. , They can be used in other  environments too.

Model BR 35/12 C Bp Pack

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This is a compact washer-dryer model which is ideal for the washing and drying of small areas. It is usually used in restaurants, hotels and  swimming pools. This is the model Kart - group with a rotating brush of +/- 200 °. The machine washes and dries well in reverse too . Other features include  prespazzante integrated close to the roller and a  lithium battery with a battery charger on board.

Model BR 30/4 C ADV

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The scrubber BR 30/4 C ADV model is an ideal machine for washing and drying surfaces from 20 to 200 square meters. In addition, it is perfect for private use or at offices.

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