panni pavimento

Along with cleaning machines, from,  Ardenno (SO) you can also find a wide range of equipments for manual cleaning that help to achieve better results and speed up work. Our range of equipments include cleaning cloths, buckets and trolleys. They also have highly technological equipments such as scrubbing machines and other machinery for dustingwindow cleaning, waste removal, care for floors and  microfibre system. Our experts are available to advise you and help you choose the most cost-effective equipment.

Upright Kärcher

 The carpet cleaner Kärcher combine the suction flow with an electric brush. In this way they  remove  the stubborn dirt that sticks to the fibres.  Excellent results are seen as the spiral hose is easy to remove and this removes foreign bodies that block the tube thus making it easier.

The patented centrifugal mechanism is innovative because it protects the head brushes from overload and avoids costly repairs while preserving the product for a lifetime. Also it has a manual roller brush adjustment.

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