The entrance area of ​​the  will  definitely represents the first image the customer has of your company.

 At the enterance itself  the dust  mats can take in the  dirt, water and dust there by  giving you a fair idea of cleanliness and efficiency.

An appropriate use of the  dust barriers carpets can capture 70% of the  dirt thus  preventing it from being transported inside the building.


  • It brings a reduction in the accumulation of dirt adjacent zones
  • It reduces  cleaning and related costs intervals
  • It protects  and slowsdown the adjacent zones
  • It is suitable for any type of environment
  • Provides an image of a  clean and tidy environment
  • It has a rubber support which allows a perfect adherence to the ground this avoids possible falls and / or slipping
  • It has a low profile for the passage of trolleys and prams
  • It has an antistatic, breathable, sound-absorbing

Carpets are available in various models. They are in  standards, screen, scraper, anti-fatigue or  aluminum models. They are available for either  sale or rental.

To ensure that the treadmill is always in excellent condition and is performing well, CWS offers a rental service and dry dust barriers. The CWS service consists in withdrawing the carpet (standard, silkscreened) which is dirty and replacing  it with a clean one which is identical in shape, colors and sizes. This is done  at predetermined intervals. The dirty carpet is  washed at  industrial laundries and  after quality control is successfully serviced . 

Standard Carpets

tappeti standard

CWS standard mats are suitable for any type of environment .It can be placed at the entrance of a building as in the corridors that separate the production departments offices, or in front of the elevators, escalators, to coffee machines, to the canteen, to the point of delivery of goods. (Sale or rental)

Rugs Shape

tappeti shape

The Shape Mat Standard carpets are the classic CWS standard mats but with different sizes right from the usual rectangle, oval, semi-oval, circle or  crescent.

Carpets Graphic

tappeti grafici

The Graphic carpets characterize the company's image and become a real communication tool. Company logos, slogans, written, images can be played back on the table, with no limit to creativity. (Sale or rental).


tappeti alumat

The Alumat carpets with aluminum profile are solid and elegant dust barriers, which protect from hard dirt floors. Dirt and water are captured and held by aluminum profiles. ( for sale).

Carpets Anti-Fatique

tappeti anti fatique

The Anti-Fatique carpets are suitable for all workplaces in which employees remain standing for long periods of time. It reacts to minimal body movement and allows you to keep a relaxed position( for sale)

Carpet Industry

tappeti industry

The Industry carpets are designed for use in production areas, storage and distribution of goods. The carpets are fixed to the floor through the use of a combined system of rubber band and metal hook. (With car wash)



The CWS runners are suitable for any type of environment and can be placed at the entrance of a building as in the corridors of hotels and companies, public places, showrooms and exhibition centres.

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