The cleaning of the solar panels is essential to ensure a good efficiency and energy.  The presence of dirt and deposits on the panel generates a loss of yield and thus money loss too.. The main difficulty to clean the solar panels resides in the delicacy of the surface and in the difficulty due to the positioning of the panels (generally placed on the roofs or otherwise in high positions).

The solution used  to clean the solar panels and glass along  with pure water so as to obtain perfectly clean surfaces , keeping the  environment in mind thus avoiding the use of chemical cleaners. Our machines do not require any additional maintenance costs, thus ensuring quality and durability of the cleaning performance.

To obtain pure water, proposes several solutions of simple and ecological systems both for the cleaning of solar panels for windows and facades. They are the  osmosis systems and / or with a resin filter. helps you in choosing the right system according to your needs. We will be able  to  independently perform  the cleaning of small or large surfaces and with  total  thanks to lightweight rods in carbon and glass fiber up to 20 mt of height. 


  • Safe because the operator works from ecological land
  • Because it uses only pure water
  • Portable and transportable
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