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A wide range of Pressure Washer machines are available at  EcoVall.net, Ardenno (SO) . The can be used effectively in the following ways:

  • Aspiraliquidi (liquid vacuum) / solids:This is used for  vacuuming dust and liquids. It consists of one, two or three engines. They are equipped with automatic filter cleaning system which uses  TACT technology.  They are also ideal for removing fine dust and damp dirt, and can be used with or without power tools. At EcoVall.net you can find The Kärcher vacuum cleaners which are ideal for Industry, Commerce, Automotive, Cleaning companies and Crafts.
  • Vacuum cleaners and Carpet cleaners:These are used at hotels, communities, offices, shops and cleaning companies
  •  Carpet Cleaning :this is used  for special cleaning of carpets and textiles.
  •  Vacuum cleaners that are Ecofriendly: these are based on an effecient system, low power consumption, high performance and is noiseless. You can see the picture here on the right .The model is the T 15/1 eco! . In addition to it being effecient in has all the characteristics of these models which have already been described. In addition it also has a robust permanent filter and an anti-static hose, "Irgastat" which reduces electrostatic discharge.

Model RC 3000 Robot Cleaner

RC 3000

This  appliance can work independently even when you are not at home as it moves due to the sensors.This is ideal for all types of flooring such as carpets and tiles. It consists of a base where recharging the batteries and downloading  the collection compartment from a mobile robot is done.It is  powered by batteries that are charged in 20 - 60 minutes.

Model NT 70/2

NT 70

This is a solid and liquid extractor with two  engines that operate separately. Due to the large switches it  is easy to use and also due  to the  elevated wheels it  is easy to carry. It has an automatic locking suction system which comes in use when the collection compartment is full. Inside the turbine head, the flat pleated filter allows the full utilization of the capacity of the container. Through  the exhaust pipe the liquids  can be disposed  without any problem.  There is storage space for all the accessories  on the device.

Model NT 65/2

NT 65

This is a solid Aspiratore with a flat filter with two separately operable motors.  It is used in applications in industrial environments, construction sites and in the   automobile industry.  It is equipped with the automatic cleaning system of the TACT  filter that guarantees optimal working  and it  keeps  the filter clean  without having to interrupt the working cycle. This model also has large switches for easy operation and large wheels for exceptional portability. 

The  NT 70/2 has automatic suction locking system, full utilization of the capacity of the container, easy disposal of liquids and  storage possibilities of accessories.

Model NT 48/1

NT 48

This is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. It is  compact, easy to use and  manoeuvrable for all professional applications. Model  1380 W has a  powerful suction force. It is also equipped with a filter cartridge. A mechanical float interrupts the suction when the level in the collection compartment is at its  maximum height. This prevents leakage. It also has a handy clip system that ensures a change of fast and simple accessories and five wheels that ensure excellent maneuverability( easy to move) and high stability. Other features include a storage space   to keep all the accessories. Also it  is made of plastic which is a material resistant to shocks.
In addition it has an accessories and hook support for the power cord; Ergonomic carrying handle for easy transportation ,A powerful  bumper impact protection for  both the machine as well as  the walls, equipment and furniture.

Model NT 27/1

NT 27

This is a solid and liquid Aspiratore which is  compact and  easy to use. It can be  manoeuvered easily  for all professional applications with 1380 W. Its features include mechanical float that interrupts the suction when the compartment is full to prevent leakage of liquids;  a clip system that  ensures change of fast and simple accessories; it has  five wheels for help in  excellent maneuverability and high stability; a practical plan to back the accessories. It is made of plastic material whch is  resistant to shocks. It  supports accessories and it has a hook for the power cord. An Ergonomic carrying handle to carry and move the complete vacuum cleaner with all accessories. A powerful bumper impact protection for both the machines as well as for the  walls, equipment and furniture.

Model NT 14/1

NT 14

This is a solid and liquid extractor with one  engine and power socket  tools.It's key  features are  mobility and flexibility. Therefore it is  ideal for the craft sector. It has a flat top to provide the user  for  perfect support for the toolbox,  a collecting chamber which is released by pressing the appropriate button,  practical and comfortable support for the rolling of the suction pipe, it  can be transported  without any  problems, it's complete accessories are in the compartment of the vacuum cleaner accessories. It is always  handy . It's  cleaning filter is  semi automatic which is operated  by  the use of an  appropriate button. It is good for constant and continuous work.

Model CV 30

CV 30

The carpet cleaner, Kärcher is a combination of  the suction flow with an electric brush. In this way stubborn dirt that sticks to the fibers are removed. The spiral hose is easy to remove and this helps in the  removal of  foreign bodies that  have blocked the tube therby bringing excellent results.

This product has a  patented centrifugal mechanism.  It is innovative because it protects the head,  brushes it from overload and avoids costly repairs thus  preserving the product for a lifetime. The manual roller brush adjustment is another unique feature.

Model BV 5

BV 5

This is particularly suitable for cases where the conventional vacuum cleaner will not be able to get in . For example in between the seats and  rows of theatres and cinemas, in  buses and planes, in the staircase of hotels and offices too. Also in  areas that are  densely furnished.

The main feature are:

• Shoulder Aspiratore, that is  lightweight and compact
• Back and shoulder straps with tool holder that is  breathable
• Filtration 5-stage
• Power cable 15 m long with a  large radius 
• A wide range of accessories

                                                                                                                   • Cowling polypropylene impact resistant
                                                                                                                   • Easily accessible on / off button

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