b 40 pulizia negozi

Since 199 7 the EcoVall.net of Ardenno, which is in the lower part of  Valtellina, in the province of Sondrio, is a company active in the family business sector of machinery and equipments which are used for cleaning. They  also deal in  cleaning products. Inside the store they have an extensive program of  Kaercher professional and consumer level equipments. They have cleaning equipments  for windows and photovoltaic (solar power) panels, paper products and detergents of all kinds. They also offer Cleaning and Washing services (CWS) for  carpets with a rental charge.

In addition to sales and service, our centre  guarantees  technical assistance on the machines which are used for cleaning. We also rent out  the machines with or without an operator.  We also offer demonstrations at home, sell products and provide quick delivery throughout the province of Sondrio and Alto Lario.

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